New Parking set-up for the Richmond Oval:


In an effort to continually improve the safety, security and efficiency of the Oval parking lot, we will be implementing a new parking system Dec 19th. Patrons of the Oval will either need a valid member pass, parking access card, or parking stub to enter/exit the parkade. This system will be very similar to the one currently being used at Pacific Center or the YVR airport. Traffic control personnel will be on hand in the coming days to help with the transition. 

What will it mean for your visitors and participants?
1.Visitors entering the Oval parkade will push a button and take a parking stub to open the gate arm. Make sure to keep your ticket!
2. When you are ready to leave, proceed to the pay stations located by the exit to the parkade.
3. Follow instructions on pay station
4. Once parking stub has been paid for, you will have 15 minutes to exit the parkade
5. Insert your paid for parking stub at the exit and gate arm will lift.

*Visitors dropping off/picking up will have 20 minutes to exit the parkade without incurring charges.