Section E(5)

At the PCAHA Annual General Meeting on May 31, 1998, the PCAHA general membership adopted the following resolution: "Whereas every effort should be made to eliminate Checking From Behind from the game and to improve safety for all players, therefore be it resolved that, to focus attention on the dangers of checking an opponent from behind, it be mandatory for all players to wear the ‘Stop Sign’ patch above the number on the backs of their sweaters, effective October 31, 1998."

The "Stop Sign" patch on the back of each player’s sweater serves as a visible reminder of every participant’s responsibility for the safety of their fellow participants, including elimination of Checking From Behind and other forms of dangerous play.

The standard, 3-inch "Stop Sign" patch is to be firmly attached above the number and below the name bar/sponsor bar in the centre of the back of the sweater.  Any player not wearing the "Stop Sign" patch shall not be permitted to participate in any PCAHA sanctioned game.  Referees are instructed to check each player at the start of each game for compliance.