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PCAHA Scholarship

Welcome potential scholarship winners!

Each year the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association awards a number of scholarships in recognition of academic achievement and community/school service combined with hockey participation. If you are

  1. a registered player with any team in the PCAHA Midget or Juvenile divisions, and
  2. in grade 11 or 12 or graduated from high school, you are eligible to apply for PCAHA Scholarships.

Before applying, please read the program summary and guidelines, below. Then, carefully complete the Scholarship Application form and attach the required supporting letters and other documents.

To be considered, your Scholarship Application must be received at the PCAHA Office on or before March 31.
 Late applications will not be considered.

Note: Those scholarship applicants who are having trouble obtaining one or two of the required elements (e.g., Association letter, letter from the Principal/Counsellor, most recent school report card, or transcript of high school grades) should submit their application to the PCAHA Office on or before March 31.

For further information       PCAHA Central Office
                                      Phone: 604-205-9011
                                      Fax:    604-205-9016


Forms:     PDF format

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